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After Sales Services

Your experience with us is not limited to a purchase of a machine or spare parts. We at Hirshberg Brothers (HBM) believe in providing a selection of services to our customers.

When we consider “service” we see a collection of services, that you can use and benefit from, either before making your decision about a purchase, or after you already received the goods from our suppliers. Throughout the product (or project) life cycle, we have identified areas where we can bring added value, simplify processes, and increase your confidence in your decision.

The after sale services of HBM is provided by a skilled team of employees. Helpdesk services, mechanical workshop, spare parts and technical information, local on-site services including maintenance, installation, training and commissioning of new equipment. by the qualified service technicians, who are supported by our global partners, are all part of our portfolio.

Contact us to benefit from the above selection of services, as well as from our experience in Trials and Evaluation of samples before your purchase, and personal and professional Consultancy and Training aided by our sales managers.