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HEAVTH-The reliable supplier of welding and cutting equipment.
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What We Can Offer

We can offer the high quality cutting and welding products with rich experience and complete quality control.

What We Can Do

We provide all-around solutions for cutting and welding in the industrial field.

Our Technology

We constantly develop industrial applications of new technologies to find the best solution for you.


What Makes Our Different
HEAVTH is a professional manufacturer with multiple quality certifications and product certifications, Our team relies on 16 years of technical accumulation to design and develop cutting and welding machine. We provide a full range of products for cutting and welding, Including Laser cutting machine, Laser welding machine, Gantry CNC cutting machine, CNC Pipe cutting machine, Portable CNC cutting machine, Robot arm cutting / welding machine, etc, .

About Us

Changzhou Heavth Science & Technogy Co.,ltd.
  Since the company began in 2006, Heavth is a professional manufacturer, designer and innovator of CNC cutting and welding machine with huge influence. We have more than 16 years of practical experience in motion control, software and hardware development, industrial automation.
  Heavth hope to offer the user the most suitable cutting and welding machine. From the customer interests, according to the actual needs of customers, to provide the most economical and most effective cutting and welding solution. Heavth have advanced production equipment, detection means complete and excellent product quality. Our products covering the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea and other countries.

Quality Control

HEAVTH provided CNC Machine with a full set of certificates, such as certification for AVT-CE, VTUPV-CE, Appearance patent, Utility model patent, and so on.
  Our factory has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and has designed several sets of quality inspection systems such as incoming material inspection, process inspection, and complete machine inspection in strict accordance with the quality control process.
  Our quality management team strictly abides by the industry standards and the company's quality guidelines, and comprehensively tests the mechanical accuracy and electrical performance of the equipment relying on high-precision testing instruments. Implement quality monitoring from every aspect of R&D, production, and after-sales of cutting and welding equipment, to ensure that each device can meet customers’ requirements.


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What exactly is Laser Welding Machine?

What Exactly is Laser Welding Machine? Laser welding machines are sophisticated tools used in various industries for joining materials with utmost precision and efficiency. These machines utilize the power of focused laser beams to create strong and durable welds between metal components. But what e

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"If the nozzle is selected correctly, the efficiency will be doubled."Although it is a seemingly inconspicuous small part, its function is not small. It is necessary to resist the upward rebound of debris such as molten stains, and to control the gas diffusion area and size. Therefore, the quality o

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Laser Technology
Handheld double wire laser welding machine

Double wire laser welding, also known as laser beam welding with two wires, is a laser welding process in which two wires are melted simultaneously using a laser beam to join two metal parts. This method is commonly used in welding applications that require high productivity, speed, and quality.The

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Laser Technology
What Is The Maximum Thickness A Laser Can Cut?

Laser cutting is an incredibly useful development to arise from the past half-century. Projecting extreme heat in an incredibly narrow stream, laser cutting allows manufacturers and welders to cut custom pieces and parts out of metal with the utmost precision. Like so many other technologies, it’s a

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