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Heavth helps wholesalers and brand owners fulfill CNC cutting solutions by top-end turnkey manufacturing.

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17 years and counting

Changzhou Heavth Science and Technology CO., LTD was established in 2006, The company is located in Changzhou near to Shanghai.We have more than 15 years of practical experience in motion control, software and hardware development, industrial automation.

We are supply CNC Laser cutting machine, Fiber Laser welding machine, CNC Plasma cutting machine, CNC Pipe cutting machine and other welding & cutting equipment.Heavth hope to offer the user the most suitable CNC cutting machine. From the customer interests, according to the actual needs of customers, to provide the most economical and most effective CNC cutting solution.Heavth have advanced production equipment, detection means complete and excellent product quality. Our products covering the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea and other countries.