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How Does Laser Cutting Machine Achieve Bright Surface Cutting?

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Laser cutting machine technology, can cut the section of carbon steel very smooth, such as "mirror" effect, commonly known as "bright surface cutting". Bright surface cutting is mainly used for medium thickness carbon steel, steel plate too thin or too thick can not achieve bright surface cutting.

How do you do a gloss cut?

First, to control the cutting speed. Too fast cutting speed will lead to incomplete material burning and the workpiece cannot be cut through, while too slow will lead to excessive burning and make the workpiece melt out of shape. Under the premise of ensuring the workpiece, the cutting speed should be increased as far as possible.

Second, adjust the nozzle height. The height of the nozzle will affect the beam quality, oxygen purity and gas flow direction. When the nozzle is lower, the beam quality will be better, the oxygen purity will be higher, and the gas flow direction will be smaller. Therefore, the bright surface cutting should be as low as possible.

Third, adjust the cutting pressure. In the carbon steel oxygen cutting, the combustion of the material will give off a lot of heat, so the oxygen pressure should not be too high. Generally speaking, the lower the pressure in the cutting range, the brighter the cutting section, but in order to ensure the cutting stability, usually in the cutting pressure on the basis of increasing a certain proportion.

Fourth, adjust cutting power. For plates of different thickness, the greater the thickness, the higher the power required.

Fifth, adjust the size of the cutting focus. The beam from the nozzle of an optical fiber laser has a certain diameter, and the nozzle is usually smaller when cutting the bright surface. If the focus is too large, it will lead to hot nozzle, affect the cutting quality and stability, or even directly lead to nozzle damage. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the maximum focus value that the nozzle size can bear and then adjust it.Sixth, select the nozzle size. The smaller the half nozzle, the brighter the cut section, the better the effect.

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