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How to use a memory card to upgrade the Flash

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How to use a memory card to upgrade the Flash


(If you have already obtained an SD card with program, you can skip directly to the last 2.3 to Flash)

. 刷程序前的准备

I. Preparation before Flash


1.1. Memory card (capacity below 16Gtoo large will result in abnormal Flash)


The system display is generally a large SDHC card


The wire feeder display is generally a small card


1.2. Dedicated card reader (USB to SD can be)

二. 程序的写入

II. Write to the program


2.1 Once connected to the computer via the card reader, right click on this device to format it, please note that in the format selection, use the allocated unit size of 4096 bytes


2.2 Place the entire unpacked DWIN_SET folder (or possibly another named folder) onto the memory card (please ask us for the relevant package)

2.3 把带有程序的SD卡在系统断电的状态下插入屏幕的卡槽

2.3 Insert the SD card with the program into the card slot on the screen with the system powered off

2.4 上电等待自动刷包,当第一行尾部出现END,再次断电,拔掉SD卡

2.4 Power on and wait for automatic Flash, when END appears at the end of the first line, power down again and unplug the SD card

2.5 上电刷机完成

2.5 Power on Flash completed