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What is the difference between plasma cutting and laser cutting?

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    Although quality parts and components are produced by Heavth laser or CNC plasma cutting machine, there are several key distinctions between the two. Knowing the differences can help you choose the best business if you need stainless steel or sheet metal made. Both techniques generate complex parts and components quickly and reliably, but they operate in different ways.

CNC plasma cutting

CNC or computer numerical control, employs specialized equipment to make goods fast and effectively. Using software like CorelDRAW or AutoCAD, a professional develops a design for CNC cutting depending on the requirements of the client. A piece of metal or another material is placed on the cutting surface after the designer is happy with the drawing.

The CNC machine receives a signal from the computer, which it then uses to interpret the design. The operator may process several goods with a prototype that satisfies all standards. The tool on this machine follows the contours of the design as it goes back and forth and side to side along the axes to cut.

Laser cutting

A CNC system controls the laser metal cutting equipment similarly to CNC cutting. The manner in which the cutting is done differs. A laser uses heat to shape the product instead of a cutting tool to get the desired form. In contrast to typical CNC cutting, which uses a low-energy light beam to carve out the pattern, laser cutting uses a high-energy light beam to burn through the metal. Even while this method of cutting is not suitable for all applications, it has a number of special benefits.

Precision is a key factor in choosing to have parts and components created using a laser metal cutting machine. The tool's widths are constrained when using CNC cutting. The smallest radius, for instance, is only a hair under 1mm. A fabricator, in contrast, has the ability to adjust a laser beam to as low as 0.1mm. Because of this, extremely precise cuts may be made that are detailed.

Edges are always thoroughly cleaned and sealed because laser cutting involves burning. Not only does this increase the functioning of the end product, but it also boosts aesthetics.

Heavth's Products has the knowledge and capability to assist with any laser cutting requirements utilizing a fiber laser cutting equipment, which is quick, affordable, secure, and accurate.

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