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Table Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

This series desktop machine is our first serie,  it is a high efficiency and high performance equipment, which uses desktop type, single drive or double drive and combines cnc control, precision mechanism and oxygen cutting. This cnc flame cutting machine uses advanced cnc system from abroad, such as Spanish FAGOR and American Hypertherm. Its excellent cutting parameters, reliable and stable features ensure the perfect cutting effect.
Cutting Size:
Cutting Mode:
  • MS-1530T

  • Heavth

  • HS: 8456401000

Machine overview

1. The system has automatic bridge, the path to break up, add knife line, automatic positioning and other functions, support PLT, ENG, DXF, G code and other formats.

2. Graphics can be any rotation, scaling, X / Y mirror, moments arranged, empty walk, and other functions. Support the processing of pause, forward, backward, high-speed and other functions.

3. Automatic seam compensation, the original rail back, forward and other functions. The main features of the device – efficient: the fastest up to 15m / min Stability: the choice of high-quality high-quality components, the top core components. Energy saving: change the traditional backward technology, the equipment cutting workload With the workload of three workers in the workpiece, so as to save you cost.

4. Only a few steps can achieve the purpose of cutting

Machine Video

Technical Parameters


Industrial desktop CNC plasma cutting machine

Model MS-1530T MS-1540T MS-1560T MS-1530T-SE MS-1540T-SE MS-1560T-SE
Motor type

Dual drive 86 # motor + planetary gear reducer

Dual drive Panasonic servo motor + planetary gear unit

Effective cutting range (X/Y) 1500*3000 1500*4000 1500*6000 1500*3000 1500*4000 1500*6000
Customize information

Longitudinal rail length (Y axis) can be extended or shortened according to user requirements

Rail spacing 2050mm 2050mm 2050mm 2050mm 2050mm 2050mm
Rail length 3850mm 4350mm 6800mm 3850mm 4350mm 6800mm
Torch raise type

1, plasma arc pressure increase 2, pneumatic control increased

Input voltage

Single-phase AC-220V (soot cleaning equipment AC-380V) can be customized other voltage

input power

About 1100W (dust purification equipment about 2200W)

Running speed



Cutting type

Plasma arc pressure adjustment Automatic cutting / plasma pneumatic adjustment cutting

Workpiece gas

Compressed air (0.4Mpa-0.55Mpa)

Emergency stop switch


Workpiece ambient temperature


Relative humidity


transfer method

Gear rack drive

Torch lift

≤ 150mm

Operating accuracy


Plasma cutting thickness

Depending on the size of the plasma power supply

Cutting table infrastructure

Cutting the host for the one-piece structure, we provide the whole machine, no need to do material


1. Our company was established in 2006, and have more than 16 years’ practical  experience in CNC machines. Now we produce many types of CNC machines such as: Portable CNC Cutting Machine, Gantry CNC Cutting Machine, Desktop CNC Cutting Machine, Professional Tube/Pipe Cutting Machine, H-beam Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Welding Machine and so on...

2. When use the plasma cutting machine to cut the the thick metal,  our height control system use the high sensor, one minute can send out 12,000 signal per minute, better than the normal one (10000 signal per minute), so our cutting quality is better  and cutting speed a litter faster while using the same power plasma source.

3. All our machines have to be checked three times before delivery, we put a 8GB flash disk together with the machine, which has the total operation video of the machine(In English). At the same time, we  have a online platform, after the client purchases the machine, we will offer one password for self-help   “after-sell service” . And we promise the 24-hour quick response after we receive the customer’s consult.

4. The painting: all our machine body have been processed by professional anti-rust treatment. First, we spray 2 times anti-rust paint to ensure that all parts of the machine in a fully protected state, and then spray color. This can effectively prevent the machine rust, resulting in damage to the machine. Other manufacturers do not take anti-rust treatment or only spay 1 time rust paint.

1. Our machine is all equipped with the professional parts, and we do many serious test for the whole machine. Our guarantee period it is 2 years.

5. We will free provide 2G processing design (USD 320) and Australia professional metal cutting software for you, in the 2G processing design have thousand beautiful graphic, after you get the machine, you can let the machine do a lot of beautiful work, while no need find the engineer to help you to design.

6. Machine structure is designed specially, we add many columns for each bean. So that the machine body can bear heavier and thicker metal sheets without deforming.

Configurations and Samples


Packing list

1. Seamless welding machine body

2. 1500*3000mm working area  

3. Independent control cabinet

4. Starfire control system

5. Automatic Torch height controller

6. Fastcam software   

7. 2GB processing file

8.  High precision square guide rail

9. Panasonic Servo Motor/ Step Motor

10. Multi-function tool box

11. Efficiency exhaust smoke system

12. Easy feeding slide material system

13. High quality soft electricity cable can be bend for 1.5 million times

14. 10 sets of nozzle electrodes

15. All the necessary parts for machine working

16. Axis of rotation:400*3000mm

17. Drilling device 3-13mm

18. Flame cutting

19. 8GB U-disk of teaching video


Q1:Does the machine can be customized according to my requirements?

A1:Sure, we have a strong technical team and have rich experience. Our goal is to make you satisfied.

Q2:Can you arrange the shipment for me ?
A2:We can arrange the shipment for our clients by sea or by air. Trading terms FOB, CIF, EXW are available.

Q3:What's your payment terms?
A3:We usually accept all kinds of payment terms. Such as T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, Cash.

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